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Melissa Shanahan

#54: [Part 3] Behind the Curtain of Mastery Groups

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Listen in to the third and final installment of this series about Mastery Groups: Sprint Months. In this episode, participants dig in to the importance of accountability, and why this coaching program made all the difference in their firms.
If any of these experiences speak to you, start out by watching Melissa's masterclass: How to Trade Being Busy for Actual Results.
To learn more about Mastery Group, go to
This episode features:
Mitch Zoll, Zoll Firm
Eileen Maastricht, Maastricht Law [Eileen emailed us after Part 1 aired and consented to having her name shared in this episode.]
Walter Reaves, Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr.
Ty Shepard, Sparkman, Shepard & Morris
Gordon VanderLeek, VanderLeek Law
Marcus Vaden, Marcus Vaden Law
Joey Vitale, Indie Law

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