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Melissa Shanahan, Velocity Work
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Our clients'

“Velocity Work has quickly become my #1 recommendation to fellow lawyers because it has completely transformed my business and firm culture for the better. My team now has powerful clarity around our data, our quarterly goals, and our big picture vision.”

“Velocity Work is not only our coach, but an ally for our firm and our growth. We have been amazed by the dedication and hard work that Melissa and her team have shown our firm. The tracking portal helps us know our numbers, rely on the data, and stay zone-focused on our goals.”

“I've gotten a ton of value out of this process. More so than anything else I've done in awhile. I truly would not have accomplished as much during this time without you."

“Phase 1 with Melissa allowed me to increase my revenue more than 20%. Melissa’s deep dive into the numbers and the ROI of each employee helped me to better understand how to pull certain levers to move the needle. I also loved the vision work because as we all know - vision and values drive all of this. I highly recommend a Melissa to all of my law firm owner colleagues.”