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I've gotten some pretty massive things done because of the structure of the quarterly strategic planning. I have a friend that I chat with about law firm owner stuff and she always comments on how much I get done. I feel like I can because I'm not wasting my efforts on things that aren't actually going to help me reach my goals.

Joanne Martin
Align Family Law

Velocity Work has quickly become my #1 recommendation to fellow lawyers because it has completely transformed my business and firm culture for the better. My team now has powerful clarity around our data, our quarterly goals, and our big picture vision.

Joey Vitale
Indie Law

I've always known my revenue per matter, I've known how many matters I open, my total revenue, etcetera. But I didn’t really understand what to do with that information, and how making different tweaks to what I was doing would actually drive results that were bigger than I had ever imagined.

Claudia Revermann
Revermann Law

I have felt the amazing personal encouragement of Melissa and her team in a few ways. Firstly, they've taken the time to delve into my personal barriers, which include mental health and self-doubt. Additionally, they've helped me recognize the importance of time management, considering factors such as parenting, caseload, and pro-bono obligations.

Drew Hickey
Bolen, Robinson, and Ellis, LLP

If you are not sure where to start, Velocity Work has the toolbox to get you going. Whether you are charging hourly, flat fees, or allow payment plans, they have the tools to help you get started on what you should consider tracking (and provide the template for it) to get you to your goals. They also make you clarify whether you are basing your decisions on real data or "hunches".

Alex Bainov
Contrast Law

I have worked with other coaches before and generally found the experience valuable. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but there is something about Melissa's approach or personality or *something* that makes me feel uniquely heard, like she really understands and cares and is genuinely excited about what I am trying to accomplish and the challenges we're wrestling with, in a way that I haven't found anywhere else.

Jose de Wit
De Wit Immigration Law

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