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Working in your firm and working on your business aren't the same thing. Know your data, align your team and refine your mindset.

Melissa Shanahan, Velocity Work
Melissa Shanahan

Our approach equips attorney-owners with the tools they need to fuel growth on their own terms.

Our Mastery Groups are intimate, small groups of like-minded attorney-owners that want to crush the upcoming month's priorities.

  • Daily Accountability: You check in with us daily, and we help you triage your highest priorities and overcome the barriers you face.
  • Weekly Coaching Calls: Every week dives even deeper into issues you're facing as you shift towards a hyper-productive daily mode.
  • Monthly Workshop: Each month you're invited to a live video workshop focused on a specific topic that helps our largest clients scale their business.
  • Practical Tools: As a member you get access to our private members forum, past workshops and webinars, and a set of tools we use with all our members to drive their productivity, improve team culture, and reach their goals.

Every client begins with Phase 1, our Full Firm Assessment. This comprehensive engagement gives owner-attorneys a strong sense for where their business stands and whether we'd be a good fit to further work together. We facilitate every step of Phase 1 for you.

  • Deliverables: Customized Tracking Portal, Comprehensive Business Assessment, Owner Vision Assessment, Firm Vision Statement, and Gap Analysis.
  • Benefits: Growth opportunities are identified and you're prepped to increase profitability, reduce inefficiencies, leverage strengths, and drive forward strategically.
  • We deliver a comprehensive in-person review of your business and the specific levers you have to fuel growth.

A fully facilitated, two day in-person firm retreat that establishes a strong internal framework for short- & long-term growth. Phase 1 deliverables anchor the retreat in hard data and we dig deep with you on how to push your firm forward.

  • Overview: We celebrate prior wins, assess the current state of the business, and articulate a roadmap for you and your team to achieve the desired future state of the firm.
  • Strategic Plan: We collaboratively build a growth plan using Phase 1 data and everything we learn hands-on during the retreat, ensuring it's in line with every nook and cranny of your business.
  • Ownership: We rigorously assign ownership of each critical element of our growth plan, using S.M.A.R.T. goals that empower everyone to thrive moving forward.
  • Tools: We give you fundamental tools for success, including a specific meetings structure and cadence, a "barriers and solutions" framework, individual goals tracking and review process, and culture tips.

After Phase 2 there's lots to do! In this advanced Phase, we work with your team hands-on throughout the upcoming year to drive success and to keep up a productive cadence.

  • Monthly Video Meetings that focus on progress, personal accountability, and ways to optimize productivity.
  • Quarterly Leadership Meetings to review team progress, shortfalls, and outline strategies to improve the growth plan. We leverage the previous quarter's lessons to refine your team’s goals for the next quarter.
  • Self-Accountability Tools drive the implementation of our growth framework. These include guides, meeting outlines, engagement scales and more that help you maximize productivity and refine your internal culture.
  • Responsive Email Support from our team makes us your partner in growth and accountability. We're available to answer questions, help overcome hurdles, and keep you moving forward. We're in this with you!

Interested? Start with our free masterclass.

Our free video masterclass includes a treasure trove of tips, tools and insights that will help you change how you work and frame your mindset around productivity.
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Our clients'

“Velocity Work has quickly become my #1 recommendation to fellow lawyers because it has completely transformed my business and firm culture for the better. My team now has powerful clarity around our data, our quarterly goals, and our big picture vision.”

“Velocity Work is not only our coach, but an ally for our firm and our growth. We have been amazed by the dedication and hard work that Melissa and her team have shown our firm. The tracking portal helps us know our numbers, rely on the data, and stay zone-focused on our goals.”

“I've gotten a ton of value out of this process. More so than anything else I've done in awhile. I truly would not have accomplished as much during this time without you."

“Phase 1 with Melissa allowed me to increase my revenue more than 20%. Melissa’s deep dive into the numbers and the ROI of each employee helped me to better understand how to pull certain levers to move the needle. I also loved the vision work because as we all know - vision and values drive all of this. I highly recommend a Melissa to all of my law firm owner colleagues.”

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