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About Velocity Work

Let's just start with saying that we're deeply passionate about what we do and we'd love to chat with you about it.
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Who We Are

We work with law firm owners looking to grow the business on their own terms.

Leveraging tried-and-true business improvement measures, our approach lays the foundation for success at whatever stage your firm. Expert know-how and fellow law firm owner collaboration merge to bring you an unprecedented growth experience.

  • Focus Forward Framework™: Core precepts of our programs include aiming for a specific target, making a strong strategic plan, and honoring that plan. By understanding and adhering to these key cornerstones for progress, participants set themselves up for the most optimal of outcomes.
  • Full Commitment: We have a passion for helping clients reach their utmost state of being. This intensity for promoting betterment and growth creates a space for law firm owners to thrive and reach new heights in the process.
  • Future state: Our sessions meet clients wherever they are in their business life cycle - no matter where it might be. It’s truly a supportive, judgement-free zone prime for paving the path to those next important milestones.

Melissa has worked with more than 300 clients over the last six years, each of them a small business owner looking to grow on their own terms.


Our framework has fueled hundreds of teams to hit thousands of milestones, using a repeatable and measurable process you can implement in your firm.


Clients have grown their businesses from small to medium, medium to large, and larger to larger. It doesn't matter where you start, as long as you have a system.

Our Values

Our values are our core beliefs, and they're the reason we show up the way we do for clients.

Helping law firm owners is our passion because, well, we keep meeting such fantastic folks building law firms around the country! We believe a few things are true:

  • Our clients are courageous, and helping them succeed is a force multiplier for courage in the world.
  • Humility is power, so we're open about our strengths and weaknesses.
  • Laughter is life - we're particularly fond of the ugly laugh - and we don't take ourselves too seriously.
  • Accountability is the oxygen that ambition needs to breathe.
  • Discomfort is the currency for your dreams.

Our goal is to bring your business up by being upfront.

We work together to push your firm forward while holding you accountable to the goals and commitment you’ve made. That’s why we start by taking a hard look at where you are today to discover where you should really be tomorrow.

Data is paramount for uncovering your unique roadway to advancement.

Our framework has shown itself to be a viable means to unearth the best solution for success. By way of a firm audit, data give us a guidepost to customize an action plan specific to each client’s own vision and specific journey.