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Melissa Shanahan

#142: Is Your Self-Image a Match for the Firm You're Building

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How do you see yourself as the owner of this firm?

Self Image is not what you want others to believe about you. It is not what you want to believe about you, but what you actually and honestly think about yourself when it is just you and the mirror.

What comes up?

In Velocity Work Podcast episode #142: Is Your Self-Image a Match for the Firm You're Building, Melissa shares a common thread she is seeing in firm owners. Velocity Work engages clients growing their firms, and owners like you set goals for the firm and for their team.

Some owners face a discrepancy between what they want and what they actually believe they can accomplish. And it creates a lot of discomfort and pain because it can feel almost like you are not a match for the next level of the firm.

Unless you gain some awareness and close that gap in your self-image, you may be inadvertently creating drag on forward momentum for the firm.

Listen to learn what steps you can take to close the self-image gap.

Show Notes:

(00m 37s) This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

(02m 03s) Life is 50 / 50

(03m 24s) When your self image hasn't caught up to the new level reached by your firm

(05m 56s) Discussion about incongruency between you, your self image, and having something

(06m 56s) Actively cultivating your self image along the way

(08m 14s) Being honest in how you see yourself as a business owner

(11m 20s) Getting something is very different than having something

(13m 02s) The School of Self Image - Your behavior will always be in harmony with your self image

(16m 09s) Look back at #140 High or Low Results Cycle - It's Your Choice

(18m 01s) What are bridge thoughts?

(22m 03s) What it's like dealing with cognitive dissonance?

(24m 30s) Closing exercise, getting it out of your head

Mentions: School of Self Image

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