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Melissa Shanahan

#141: Find Calm Confidence in Numbers

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You can train your brain to look at things more objectively, and in this episode, Melissa gives you ample reasons why exercising this muscle makes you a better firm owner.  Last week in episode#140: High or Low Results Cycles - It's Your Choice, she defined high and low results cycles and a firm owner's leverage points to navigate towards one or the other. This week, she shares where the numbers fit into this model and how you can take action from there.  

Velocity Work clients regularly reveal some anxiety, mental drama, and avoidance when it comes to numbers. Some firm owners worry their numbers may not be where they hoped, some are concerned with ambitions they have not started, and others really feel as if they do not have the time to gather this information.

If you can push yourself through avoidance and mental drama and create an objective relationship to the numbers that drive your firm's success, you will find calm confidence. The numbers give you so much information about your firm and you can use them to move the dial.

Tracking data does not have to be hard. Don not make it hard; in fact you can start small. Face the facts that are right in front of you. Use the numbers not hunches and from there, make decisions. Learn how in this episode.

Show Notes:

(00m 36s) This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

(01m 11s) February, chapter 2 of 12, let's talk numbers

(02m 30s) Take control where YOU have control

(03m 16s) How it affects your business if you don't look at the numbers

(05m 59s) Knowing about the health of your business and making decisions efficiently

(07m 01s) Having a visual report where you can look at your numbers at least monthly

(08m 50s) From Panic to Profit a book by Brooke Lively

(11m 12s) Take care of your business by being aware of the numbers

(12m 12s) Coaching call midway through this episode

(14m 44s) Look back at last week's episode, High or Low Results Cycle - It's Your Choice

(19m 39s) Train your brain to be more objective, your perspective matters

(22m 38s) Be in the calm, center, confidence state

(26m 27s) Wrapping up this week's episode

Mentions: Brooke Lively

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