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Melissa Shanahan

#140: High or Low Results Cycle - It's Your Choice

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If you feel busy or overwhelmed but you are still producing adequate results, you may believe this is just the way it feels to grow your law firm.  It does not have to feel this way.

On this special Velocity Work Podcast episode, Melissa introduces the concepts behind her newest masterclass: How to Trade Being Busy for Actual Results.

This episode offers a high level overview of:

- What a High Result Cycle is and how to stay in one

- What a Low Result Cycle is and how to avoid getting stuck here, and

- The 3 things you DO have control over (you're likely only taking the reigns on one)

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Show Notes:

00m 36s: Join Melissa on February 18th, 12 noon ET |

01m 57s: What is the results cycle concept

03m 22s: If you love learning about habits OR if you are shooting for a specific goal, this is for you

04m 17s: Developing a habit and how it affects (or doesn't) your success

07m 07s: The definition of a high result and low result cycle

08m 48s: The difference between being committed to the goal vs attached to the goal

10m 34s: If you are in a high result cycle, you don't flake out on yourself

12m 31s: The 3 control factors you can use to determine which result cycle you will be in

15m 32s: Discussion about why willpower doesn't last long

18m 12s: What actions look like in a low results cycle

19m 51s: YOU are the determinant factor on which cycle you are going to be in

25m 34s: Check out

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