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Melissa Shanahan

#139: A Candid Conversation About Remarkable Growth with Chris Nicolaysen and Jake Kimball of Springs Law Group

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Can you imagine 100% growth?

Springs Law Group nearly doubled their business last year. This type of growth takes aim, follow-through, consistent evaluation, and the right team.

In episode #139: A Candid Conversation About Remarkable Growth with Chris Nicolaysen and Jake Kimball of Springs Law Group, Melissa speaks to the two firm owners about holding the entire team accountable to the firms' values, making tough decisions about right-fit team members, and going back to the numbers time and again.

Five years into building Springs Law Group, the owners reveal how their distinct personalities both balance each other out and push the other to grow professionally. Unguarded and a bit vulnerable, this conversation delivers value from beginning to end.

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Show Notes:

00m 36s: This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

01m 43s: Get to know Chris and Jake of Springs Law Group

03m 03s: Sharing of lessons learned while running a law firm

05m 03s: Making the right call when managing members of the team

09m 06s: Discussion about how Jay Henderson helped in finding the right people

12m 12s: Everyone on the firm is treated the same.

18m 59s: Paying more for experience and having peace of mind when hiring new people

26m 57s: Using numbers when figuring things out before making a decision

30m 24s: Discussion about when the firm hit their 2021 revenue goal!

34m 26s: How doing day-to-day things set them up to achieve their goal.

38m 19s: Embracing the idea that you are not failure if you don't meet your goals

41m 57s: What do Chris and Jake attribute the success of achieving their firm's goals?

46m 26s - Having the intellectual humility and hearing what others have to say

52m26s: Continue and keep going even if times are tough

57m 50s: If you don't believe, then you can't be disappointed

1h 0m 58s Check out

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