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Melissa Shanahan

#138: The (Sometimes Scary) Acceleration of Delegation

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Why are you still doing the things that you don't need to be doing?

It is worth asking yourself this question because your firm can not grow if you will not let go. For many firm owners, the feeling of acceleration that comes with growth and delegation can be a little scary. When there are more people to do the work, more work gets done in a shorter amount of time. That is growth, but the feeling of new talent and efficiency can be mistaken as a reason to hit the brakes. Do not hit the brakes. Breathe, stand tall and move forward.

In this episode, Melissa confronts an issue every firm owner faces, delegation. She explains how letting go of what you are currently doing to make room for what you must do moving forward is a shift in firm operations and in your identify as the firm owner. And like any change, it can be unsettling, uncomfortable, and downright scary.

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Show Notes:

0m 36s: This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

01m 11s: The discomfort (and acceleration) that comes along with delegation

02m 43s: Discomfort is the currency for your dreams

05m 32s: Discussion about having an identity shift - be the person who delegates

07m 55s: Be willing to experience the uncomfortableness of delegating

09m 33s: Michael of Urbina Law Firm, throwing lightning at his team - in a good way

11m 35s: Appreciate the acceleration on your business, and enjoy the ride

14m 27s: Check out

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