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Melissa Shanahan

#137: Tesla Efficiency Mindset

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Michael Urbina of Urbina Immigration Law is "just one person trying to learn how to get better at this particular field - all day, every day."  

As one of Velocity Work's Private Clients, Urbina Law Firm knows how to aim, plan, and honor their plan. Consistently meeting their quarterly and annual goals, the team is thoughtfully put together based on individual strengths and motivations.

Listen as Michael and Melissa discuss the power of people, the urgency of creating and committing to Rocks, and what it means to have an efficiency mindset when running a firm.

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Show Notes:

0m 36s: This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

02m 17s: Get to know Michael Urbina of Urbina Law Firm

06m 22s: Discussion about how Urbina Law Firm is different

10m 43s: A story about looking beyond productivity and numbers

15m 35s: Having the right people in the right seats

20m 16s: Adapt or die - be willing to refocus with your journey

24m 17s: Having a system helps you prepare and plan

29m 10s: Knowing what motivates your team and what culture you have

37m 32s: What is the Tesla efficiency mindset

47m 17s: Playing the long game and be purposeful about it

54m 34s: Discussion about picking the right goals - the MUST do

01h 05m 57s: Check out

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