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Melissa Shanahan

#135: Improve Your Relationship to Work

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Guest Molly Sonsteng, Cofounder of Caveday, joins Melissa to emphasize the important skill of monotasking.


We live in world constantly vying for our attention and from the pings, dings and buzzes, everything feels urgent.


In this episode, Molly and Melissa get to the heart of taking control where you have control and using that to fuel your productivity.


The two emphasize how protecting small amounts of time for focused work is a necessity for meaningful progress and why facilitation and community will improve your relationship to work.


How do you differentiate between the urgent work of being an attorney and the important work of building a sustainable firm?


What is a realistic way to scope work?


Do you know how long anything actually takes to accomplish?


Get some answers to these questions and permission to protect your time in this episode.


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Show Notes:

Show notes

0m 36s: This week on the Velocity Work Podcast

3m 46s: Get to know Molly Sonsteng, Cofounder of Caveday

4m 34s: Improving the quality of your life by improving the quality of your work

11m 23s: The concept of important vs. urgent work

15m 01s: Learning how to scope your work properly - not over or under scoping

19m 15s: Discussion about protecting your time to be able to do deep focus work

23m 01s: The three conditions - define your work, block out time, and mono-tasking

27m 31s: Why you need to stop thinking in "habits"

29m 36s: Discussion about continuous partial attention

32m 05s: Combatting an attention seeking world

36m 48s: Allowing yourself to work with real focus to make real progress

39m 46s: The four quadrants of mental and social strain of work

43m 32s: Making headway through Caveday

47m 55s: Check out

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