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Melissa Shanahan

#52: [Part 1] Behind the Curtain of Mastery Groups

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Velocity Work celebrates a year of podcasts by taking a deep-dive behind the scenes of one of our most successful programs. In Part 1, listen in for the "before" and "after" experiences of seven intrepid owner-attorneys who took major projects from ideas to completion in one month.
If any of these experiences speak to you, start out by watching Melissa's masterclass: How to Trade Being Busy for Actual Results.
To learn more about Mastery Group, go to
This episode features:
Mitch Zoll, Zoll Firm
Eileen Maastricht, Maastricht Law [Eileen emailed us after this episode was recorded and consented to having her name shared here.]
Walter Reaves, Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr.
Ty Shepard, Sparkman, Shepard & Morris
Gordon VanderLeek, VanderLeek Law
Marcus Vaden, Marcus Vaden Law
Joey Vitale, Indie Law

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