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Melissa Shanahan

#24: Sarah Santacroce -- LinkedIn and the Human Connection

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This week, Melissa and Sarah talk about tips and tricks for how to use LinkedIn! Sarah reminds listeners that businesses are people, and explains the importance of consistency and making personal connections.
Get to know Sarah by checking out here website here!
3 Tips to Using LinkedIn:
Position yourself as an expert in your field! Do this on your profile, where it's important to be specific. Don't just advertise yourself as a lawyer... what kind of lawyer? What clients do you serve? Engage with your newsfeed to build visibility; this is where you demonstrate your expertise. Keep it short, but personal. Show your human side! And remember to stay consistent. 5 mins a day is better than 2 hours, once a month. Find your ideal clients and connect with them! Be useful, give freely, and don't ask for favors.

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