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The Law Firm Owner Podcast, powered by Velocity Work, explores how quarterly strategic planning, accountability, and coaching work in unison to take your law firm from where it is now to where you want it to be. Each week, host and founder Melissa Shanahan guides listeners to organize their numbers, grow their teams, increase their revenue, and take real time off. Melissa’s approach shows law firm owners how to create sustainable success, not just in their firms, but in their personal lives too.
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#135: Improve Your Relationship to Work

Guest Molly Sonsteng, Cofounder of Caveday, joins Melissa to emphasize the important skill of monotasking.


We live in world constantly vying for our attention and from the pings, dings and buzzes, everything feels urgent.


In this episode, Molly and Melissa get to the heart of taking control where you have control and using that to fuel your productivity.


The two emphasize how protecting small amounts of time for focused work is a necessity for meaningful progress and why facilitation and community will improve your relationship to work.


How do you differentiate between the urgent work of being an attorney and the important work of building a sustainable firm?


What is a realistic way to scope work?


Do you know how long anything actually takes to accomplish?


Get some answers to these questions and permission to protect your time in this episode.


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#8: Four Kinds of Luck

Learn about the four kinds of luck and how you can create more luck in your world with Melissa Shanahan.


#74: An Uncompromising Relationship with Yourself

Having an "uncompromising" relationship with yourself is about two things: having a plan, and honoring your plan. When you have a plan and honor your plan, there is no negotiating. There is no kicking the can down the road. Listen in for a conversation with Melissa about setting goals, constraining down, and planning your execution in a way that works for you.
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#50: All-In

This week, Melissa deconstructs what it means to be "all-in" in work, on a project, in your personal life, or whatever it is that you are passionate about.

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#54: [Part 3] Behind the Curtain of Mastery Groups

Listen in to the third and final installment of this series about Mastery Groups: Sprint Months. In this episode, participants dig in to the importance of accountability, and why this coaching program made all the difference in their firms.
If any of these experiences speak to you, start out by watching Melissa's masterclass: How to Trade Being Busy for Actual Results.
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This episode features:
Mitch Zoll, Zoll Firm
Eileen Maastricht, Maastricht Law [Eileen emailed us after Part 1 aired and consented to having her name shared in this episode.]
Walter Reaves, Law Office of Walter M. Reaves, Jr.
Ty Shepard, Sparkman, Shepard & Morris
Gordon VanderLeek, VanderLeek Law
Marcus Vaden, Marcus Vaden Law
Joey Vitale, Indie Law


#107: Leading Indicators vs. Lagging Indicators

Sometimes the sequel is just as good as the first one. That is true for this week’s episode. Think of episode 107 as part 2. Last week, Melissa discussed goals and rocks. This week, she focuses on leading indicators vs. lagging indicators and how leading indicators can sometimes be rocks, but rocks aren’t always indicators. Sounds a tad complex? Don’t worry! Melissa cuts everything into easily digestible, bite-sized pieces.
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#20: An End-of-Year Exercise

As 2019 draws to a close, take a moment to step back and review. How did you do this year? What gifts did you give yourself this year? In this week's episode, Melissa talks listeners through remembering past accomplishments and dedicating yourself to discipline and delayed gratification in 2020.


#39: Top-notch Customer Service + Cutting Edge Technology with Maddy Martin, Head of Growth and Education at Smith.ai

How can potential clients know how awesome you are, if you don't pick up the phone? Well, they can't. This week, Melissa and Maddy Martin show how embracing a virtual receptionist can save you time, give you important data, and also get you more clients!
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Crista - Lawfirm Owner

Exactly what I needed!

Thank you Melissa for don’t flake on yourself episode. It was exactly what I needed to hear to help push me! Thank you for such great information you provide on your podcast.

Maine - Lawyer Dude

One of the meatiest legal podcasts out there

Many podcasts out there are clearly just a surface level reminder to hire the podcaster. These are not. Recent work has shown really increased depth and value added for listeners. If you’re a deep thinker looking for ways to grow as a person and a firm owner, check this out.

Joey Vitale (Vitalej17)

Melissa is the BEST!!!!!!

Over the years I’ve listened to dozens of podcasts for firm owners. And while there are some truly great ones out there, I find myself tuning into this one the most. Melissa’s got a real superpower for cutting through the noise and fluff & getting lawyers to focus on what really matters for business growth. Can’t recommend this podcast and Velocity Work in general enough!!