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Enrollment opens late 2020!
Daily Accountability

After we help you identify the one result you're going to create during the Sprint (the stuff that really matters to your business), you’ll be paired with other owner-attorneys who want to absolutely crush their priority list in a way that’s nearly impossible without “public” accountability.  We all show up, every weekday, on a video call to report on our progress. (Daily tracker completed for you by our team!)

Weekly Coaching Calls

This hour-long call is designed to tackle any barriers you run into as you apply the principles taught each week. Our agenda items for each call are prepared collaboratively, and ahead of the call, so that we can be fully prepared to make meaningful breakthroughs that will power you forward.

Monthly Workshop

We host a live workshop, focused on one specific topic as a deep dive designed so that you produce something tangible during the call and walk away with actionable intelligence to implement in your business right away. Topics vary, covering critical areas of positioning your business and your mind for growth.

Private Forum

You  get access to our private members forum. There you can take the conversation deeper with co-members, ask our team questions, access replays, recordings, and find all logistical information you'll need for the month.

Enrollment opening soon for
             January Sprint.

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Enrollment opens late 2020!

Sprint Month Reviews

“One of the things that we've learned is, in a sense, how to be the CEO, how to be the person who can look and see that what you've created is working. And then you can have the vision to see where you want to go and make a plan for how you get there.”

"Part of accountability is getting pushed and having people clarify stuff with you. I know that the lessons that I learned ended up being a lot stronger, because Melissa and others in the group helped me clarify and revise that lesson."

"Mastery Groups helped me gain control over my schedule by putting time into planning up-front. Scheduling your activities and requiring yourself to do things sequentially is a superpower. When you spend more time on the process, researching, and outlining, the actual tasks go by very quickly. I’ve seen so many projects go from idea to completion because of this program."

"I've gotten a ton of value out of this process. More so than anything else I've done in awhile. I truly would not have accomplished as much during this time without you."