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The Velocity Work podcast is for lawyers who run their own firm. It explores tactics, tools, and stories that help owner-attorneys push past simply lawyering well to building a successful firm. Melissa Shanahan, Velocity Work's founder, helps clients and listeners shift how they operate in order to achieve the next level for their firm and their life. From numbers and business strategy to discipline and mental health, Melissa's approach provides sustainable success.
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#135: Improve Your Relationship to Work

Guest Molly Sonsteng, Cofounder of Caveday, joins Melissa to emphasize the important skill of monotasking.


We live in world constantly vying for our attention and from the pings, dings and buzzes, everything feels urgent.


In this episode, Molly and Melissa get to the heart of taking control where you have control and using that to fuel your productivity.


The two emphasize how protecting small amounts of time for focused work is a necessity for meaningful progress and why facilitation and community will improve your relationship to work.


How do you differentiate between the urgent work of being an attorney and the important work of building a sustainable firm?


What is a realistic way to scope work?


Do you know how long anything actually takes to accomplish?


Get some answers to these questions and permission to protect your time in this episode.


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#22: The Next 8 Weeks: Podcast Interviews Coming Your Way!

Get a sneak peek at the podcast interviews we'll be airing in the next 8 weeks!
Get to know our guests a little ahead of time:
Francine LoveSarah SantacroceLuke TysonChelsea Z WilliamsDamon PendletonEmily Kerr-FinellJordan OstroffJoey Vitale


#21: How We Work With Clients

Ever wondered about how we work privately with clients? Listen in to learn more! Velocity Work has a signature 3-Phase process that involves a comprehensive analysis of your firm (Phase 1), an in-person strategic planning retreat (Phase 2), and ongoing accountability check-ins and quarterly workshops (Phase 3).
Since this episode aired, some of how we work with clients has changed. Check out our website for more on how we work with clients.
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#103: June Sprint Lessons Learned re: Honoring the Plan

“Delay is DOOM.” Sounds a bit frightening when we say it like that, huh? Don’t be scared; Melissa has your back.
This week, Melissa continues with the second batch of lessons from the June Sprint participants about honoring your plan. She discusses how even the tiniest turtle steps can make you feel better about your day and how there’s a difference between how long it takes to do something compared to when it gets done. It’s also OK to feel proud about the small things moving you forward and to take time away from your plan to gain focus and clear your head. After all, clarity helps you see further down the road.
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Customer Review


Great show for lawyer entrepreneurs!

Great show with ideas for lawyers who need to grow their firm beyond the current rut. Once you’ve got a running firm, your challenges change and you’ll need new ideas to get past this plateau. This podcast is the place to get those ideas.

Mitch Zoll

The podcast to help you achieve your goals

There are many reasons to listen to a podcast- to be entertained, to be informed, maybe even to be inspired. This podcast has all three. Melissa Shanahan gives you a little tough love with a smile. If you add this podcast to your week ...and actually follow the advice she is giving, you will see big changes in your practice. The steps are simple. The execution is hard. But Melissa will get you there if you really want to achieve your goals.


Practical, Profound & Powerful

Melissa Shanahan truly and deeply cares about helping solo & small firm lawyers. And just as important, she has profound practical wisdom about how to help lawyers build thriving, fulfilling businesses.

I don’t know any other legal podcast that combines her level of insight and actionable advice. This is a rare gem that comes pre-polished, ready for you to use and benefit from immediately.